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1481 Heron Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (1-613-321-5677 | bcc.ottawa@rogers.com)
The Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery and meditation centre is established to preserve the Theravada Buddhist teaching in the Western world. The provision of facilities for ordained monks to practice the noble teaching, disseminate the Buddhist teaching among lay people (i.e. morality (Sila), concentration (Samadhi), wisdom (Panna)), and teaching noble qualities such as tolerance, hospitality, compassion, and loving kindness are our objectives.
“Conquer anger with non-anger. Conquer badness with goodness. Conquer meanness with generosity. Conquer dishonesty with truth.” - BUDDHA -

Dhamma Audio Recordings

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Dhamma Sermons and Meditation Instructions by Badulle Suriyarathana Thero (Aug:12-14 & Oct:15-16, 2016)

Badulle Suryarathana Thero is a young Theravada Buddhist Monk born and bred in Sri Lanka and is a meditation teacher from the Isipathana Forest Meditation Centre, Rathnapura, Sri Lanka. He leads retreats at several locations in Sri Lanka and internationally. The Dhamma sermons and mediation instructions delivered by the Thero at the Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery, Ottawa from August 12-15 and October14-15 are recorded below:

Dhamma Sermon Aug.12 Morning   |   Dhamma Sermon Aug.12 Afternoon   |   Dhamma Sermon Aug.12 Evening
Dhamma Sermon Aug.13 Morning   |   Dhamma Sermon Aug.13 Afternoon   |   Dhamma Sermon Aug.13 Evening
Dhamma Sermon Aug.14 Morning   |   Dhamma Sermon Aug.14 Afternoon
Meditation Oct.15 (session 1)   |   Meditation Oct.15 (session 2)   |   Meditation Oct.15 (session 3)   |   Meditation Oct.15 (session 4)
Meditation Oct.16 (session 1)   |   Meditation Oct.16 (session 2)

Awareness of Death Retreat - Bhavana Monastery (September 09-14, 2013)

Introduction to Retreat   |   Guided Meditation   |   Dhamma Talk 1   |   Questions & Answers 1
Talk about Death   |   Pali, English Maranasati Stanzas   |   Dhamma Talk 2   |   Questions & Answers 2
Talk on Impermanance   |   Dhamma Talk 3   |   Questions & Answers 3   |   Talk and Guided Meditation
Dhamma Talk 4   |   Questions & Answers 4   |   Forgiveness & Metta Meditation   |   Closing Talk

Vassana Dhamma Sermons at HJBM

Sunday Evening Dhamma Talk, Aug4th 2013   |   Wednesday Sutta Discussion, July31st 2013   |   Wednesday Meditation, July31st 2013   |   Monday Evening Dhamma Talk, July29th 2013
Monday Evening Meditation,July29th 2013   |   Sunday Evening Dhamma Talk, July28th 2013   |   Sunday Evening Meditation, July28th 2013   |   Sunday Evening Yoga, July28th 2013
Wednesday Sutta Study, July 24th 2013   |   Wednesday Meditation, July 24th 2013

Esala Poya Day Sil Program, July 21st 2013

Intro. to meditation   |   Dhamma sermon by Jinananda Thero   |   Q & A by Bhante Yogavacara Rahula   |   Vas Aradhana Ceremony

Pitigala Gunarathana Thero from Labunorukanda Forest Monastery, Maradankadawala and Saddammaloka Dharma Nikethanaya, Piliyandala, Sri Lanka delivered Dhamma sermons from May 25th - June 13th, 2012.

Videos of these Dhamma talks can be found on the Dhamma talks by Pitigala Gunarathana Thero video page.

Dhamma Talk - Day1: Wed. May 23rd 2012   |   Dhamma Talk - Day2: Fri. May 25th 2012   |   Dhamma Talk - Day3: Sat. May 26th 2012   |   Dhamma Talk - Day4: Sun. May27th 2012
Dhamma Talk - Day5: Wed. May30th 2012   |   Dhamma Talk - Day6: Sun(AM) Jun3rd 2012   |   Dhamma Talk - Day6: Sun(PM) Jun3rd 2012   |   Dhamma Discuss.-Day6: Sun(PM) Jun3rd 2012
Dhamma Talk - Day7: Wed. Jun6th 2012   |   Dhamma Talk - Day8: Sat. Jun9th 2012   |   Dhamma Talk - Day9: Sun. Jun10th 2012   |   Dhamma Talk - Day10: Wed. Jun13th 2012   |   Q & A - Day11: Thur. Jun14th 2012

Bhante Gunarathana from Bhavana Society in West Virginia delivered a Dhamma sermon on Thursday, May 10th, 2012.

Pooja   |   Meditation   |   Dhamma Talk   |   Questions & Answers

Rev. Brahmanagama Muditha Thero

Ratana Sutta   |   Karaniya Metta Sutta   |   Sathipattana Sutta 1
Sathipattana Sutta 2   |   Sathipattana Sutta 3   |   Sathipattana Sutta 4
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